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Benne's Sweet Treats bakery policy is a set of rules and regulations that govern our operations as a bakery. It outlines the procedures for handling food safety, customer service, employee safety, and other aspects of running a bakery.

Shop Policy

Distributor: Benne's Sweet Treats
Person in charge: Xan Bennefield
Phone number: (719)-315-5237
Contact email address:

These products are produced in a commercial kitchen subject to state licensure or inspection and may also contain tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, soy, corn, and dairy.

Allergy Disclosure: 

Please disclose all allergies in the notes section of the order form. Benne’s Sweet Treats is not liable if a customer becomes ill because the allergies were not disclosed on order. Note: Even though we try our best to ensure that your allergy-friendly treats taste as "normal" as possible. Some flavors and textures can be shocking for those without allergies or who consume allergy-friendly goods. We do encourage people to purchase or ask for a sample(s) (depending on the situation) of items that might be for later purchases of events to ensure you like the texture and taste of the product(s).

Explanation of necessary charges other than the product price:
Return policy:

What is your general refund policy?
Benne's Sweet Treat products are perishable, baked/cooked, and decorated in-house (commercial kitchen); the refund policy is as follows:

Standard Refund: If an order is placed online or through a phone call, refunds can take 3-7 business days to process back onto your original card. A customer can receive a refund through Zelle. Cash App, Paypal, Venmo as a fast refund. Please note that if this method is chosen, screenshots of the refund and the conversation will be taken to prove the refund accord. Screenshots sent through a third party can be placed onto a different card from the original transaction. It is up to the customer to reflect the
ir finances accordingly. Any attempt to dispute the original transaction after receiving one from a third party will result in proof being shown to the bank. You will be flagged as fraud, and you will no longer be able to purchase Benne's Sweet Treats in any form. Any issues with an order need to be addressed within 24 hours of receiving the items. Any issues reported after 24 hours or more are not eligible for refunds. There are no refunds for disliking the taste of a product due to flavor.

Delivery Orders: 
Benne’s Sweet Treats will not be liable for delivered orders that need to stay cold or warm. We will provide the product at the required safe food temperature(s) for each item needed from the El Paso Health Department. We allow a 1 hour grace period of delivery time to account for natural disasters or traffic that may be out of our control. Customers are advised once the delivery driver has departed with the order and once again when the order has arrived. It is up to the customer to be there or have someone receive their order. This ensures that the temperature does not go into unsafe temperatures and cause damage to the provided goods. If the customer does not answer the door for their order, the order will be left at the doorstep of their desired address. Once the order is rejected, a text will be sent again to the order owner of where the item(s) are placed. Once we have left the desired address, Benne's Sweet Treats is no longer responsible for the order. If the customer asks us to return the order to reschedule the delivery or pickup, an additional fee will be billed to the customer. If there are special delivery requests, please add them to your order notes; otherwise, the order will be left at the front door of the address/suite.

In-Person Pick-Up:
A refund will not be issued if an order isn't picked up. Customers have 15  minutes to pick up their order after scheduling their pickup time.  If a later date/time is needed from the original date, the customer will be responsible for both (the actual date/time and the new date/time of pick-up if any fees apply).  Customers are responsible for saving the proper information on the invoice/online purchase(s). We do not send reminders to our customers due to not having the appropriate software and a high production volume. Please know that we do not do deliveries or pickups on the weekends due to being at festivals, farmer's markets, or private events. The order must be scheduled for another pickup or delivery time during the next week's business day. Delivery fees may apply for those who get their items delivered instead of picked up. Delivery fees are determined based on the customer's location distance. We are not held responsible for the taste and texture of your product if the product is picked up past the pickup date. The freshness of your item(s) can change depending on how many days after your pickup date you receive your product.

A product(s) cannot be resold if the specific customer does not pick up their order. Benne's Sweet Treats is not responsible for remaking products for customers who do not pick up their orders on time (baked goods or meals). If an order needs to be remade, an additional charge must be paid in full before the order is remade. Note: Customers may not see Benne (the Owner) for pickup or delivery. The person giving the order away will always be someone with Benne's Sweet Treats. If they ask them questions, they do not know the answer to advise the customer to contact Benne (the owner) at (719)-315-5237, or the associate will contact the owner themselves.

Defective Product(s):
If there is a defect in the product, please message Benne's Sweet Treats promptly, within the day of pick up, delivery, or the day the shipment is received. In this case, a proportionate refund will be issued for the item or item(s) that may be defective. Benne's Sweet Treats retains the right to judge the product quality for ourselves. The customer is responsible for showing proof that the item is defective with an image(s)/video(s) being presented. If a product(s) is tried and the customer doesn't care for it, it is hoped that the customer will try something different next time; however, a refund will not be given.

Cancellations & Reschedule Policy:
Benne's Sweet Treats requires a 24-hour notice to cancel or reschedule an order. Anything after 24 hours of the customer(s) charge will not be refunded. If a refund is given, the refund will go back onto the card that was used for the transaction or onto a store credit gift card (please specify which card you would like the refund to go back onto. If not, the refund will automatically go on a store gift card). No cash refunds will be given. A 75% refund will be provided and refunded, while 25% of the order price is retained for the order price of transaction fees in processing orders and refunds, ingredients ordered, and prep work done for the order(s). Failure to receive a 24-hour notice for cancellation will result in no refund being given. The 24-hour notice is from the time and day of pick-up, delivery requested, or day of shipment. If, for some reason, one of the items in the order can not be made or delivered, a refund for that particular item will be refunded, but not the entire order. To cancel an order, email, Call (719)-315-2537, or leave a message on the contact sheet on the home page. Messaging on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and/or Yelp will not be acceptable.

Custom Orders:
Once an order has been started, a refund will only be given for the portion of the order that has not been made or can not be fulfilled. This includes issues on our end (Benne's Sweet Treats) or with the customers. If an order has been started and, for some reason, a part of the order can not be filled, the customer will receive a refund on the item(s) that can not be fulfilled, but Benne's Sweet Treats still retains the payments for items made. A custom order has 72 hours to cancel their order. A 75% refund will be given, while 25% of the order price is retained for the order price of transaction fees in processing orders and refunds, ingredients ordered, and prep work done for the order(s). Failure to receive a 72-hour notice for cancellation will result in no refund being given. The 72-hour notice is from the time and day of pick-up, delivery requested, or day of shipment. If one of the items in the order can not be made or delivered, a refund for that particular item will be refunded, not the entire order. All payments must be in full for orders to be processed. Money spent on decoration will not be refunded. The decorations are bought/made when the order is placed. All custom orders must be placed online or by calling Benne's Sweet Treats. Social media is not a valid form of order. We encourage each customer to try a "sample" of what they would order for a customer order. Sample means purchasing a small order of the item(s) that would be requested at a later date and time. Eating allergy-friendly treats can be shocking for those not used to having or eating allergy-friendly treats. The sample is so the customer enjoys the taste and texture before the final custom order.
Weather does affect timelines for deliveries, pickups, and shipping. With natural causes, we retain the right to cancel and reschedule a delivery, pickup, or shipping day. If you placed an order ahead of time and there is a weather advisory, it is up to the customer to ask for products earlier than the original date. We have the right to say no if we can not rearrange our schedule to reflect the request. We will not give a refund for natural causes. We will message our customers at the beginning of the day to notify them of their order changes and when we will be able to reschedule the delivery. 
We are currently experiencing shortages all over the country. Know that economic shortages do affect our business from time to time. If an order is placed and we are trying to find resources to fill the order, the customer's order may be canceled due to the inability to find the resources to make the product. Accidents happen in the kitchen where ingredients fall, products get baked, and new products must be bought. We try to make everything the same day; with that being said, an order can get canceled the same day due to not being able to rebuy products. This is never our intention, but it can happen. A refund will be issued on the day of cancelation. Please know that it can take 2-10 business days to be refunded, depending on the application used. If you have not received a refund by business day 10, contact us at (719)-315-5237. Please note that holidays can also affect the refund process. Holidays can delay the process by 1-3 days.

When placing a custom order for food or treats, please read your invoice before purchasing. Once purchased, you agree to the invoice time, date, location, company policy, and the purchase. A refund will not be issued if an error is not addressed before payment. We hope to rectify the situation before the invoice is paid. Please look at the notes section of the invoice, as it does tell you to read our policy before purchasing. By purchasing, we assume you have read our policy and comply with the business rules.

Custom Cake Orders:
Each cake is made to order. Invoices are sent out for cake orders since we only take custom cake orders. A full payment is expected upon the invoice being issued. Cakes booked out in advance will allow split payments if requested.

Cake Designs:
Customer photos are used as inspiration and can be left up to interpretation by the cake artist. The frosting colors may vary due to using vegan food colorings. Due to the volume of orders, Benne's Sweet Treats will not always be able to provide images of the cake created. If a photo is given to the customer, Benne's Sweet Treats does have the right to refuse changes to the order. Refunds will not be given once the cake has left our hands/shop.

All wholesale orders have to be discussed with Benne's Sweet Treats Owner. This also falls in the custom order category, and all refund policies apply to wholesale orders. Wholesale delivery is always discussed and added to the customer(s) invoice. If, for some reason, the customer(s) is not there for delivery and someone isn't there to receive the items, the customer will be charged a re-delivery fee of $15-$20, depending on location. Colorado Springs, Black Forest, Manitou, and Monument areas will be $15 for the re-delivery fee. Monument north to Denver will be a $20 re-delivery fee. The wholesale purchaser must notify Benne's Sweet Treats 72 hours before delivery if there are any changes to their order. Benne's Sweet Treats is not obligated to re-make a delivery order if the customer was not at the establishment for their delivery. If the customer wants the item(s) to be remade due to the customer(s) missing their delivery, this will result in a new order. Benne's Sweet Treats is not liable for products to be fresh when the customer misses their delivery window.

Upon ordering through Benne's Sweet Treat website and/or social media, it is assumed that each customer has read through and understands all shop policies. Once the order has been placed, the customer(s) has acknowledged the policies.

Benne's Sweet Treats reserves the right to modify its exchange/return policy at anytime.

Sales quantity:
Delivery time: Once an order is placed with Benne’s Sweet Treats, your order is subject to possibly being delivered early. If you need the order at a specific time or date, please make sure that it is annotated on your order. Each customer is notified when their package is out for delivery.
Payment method: Benne's Sweet Treats takes multiple different payment options. Mastercard, Visa, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Discover, American Express, and Quarter Pay for online purchases only. We do not accept Venmo, Zelle, and Cash App for online transactions. For in-person payments at events, all payment methods are welcome.
Payment deadline: All payments must be made in full.
Invoice payments:
Must be paid by the end of the business day. The invoice will time out between 5:00 pm - 5:30 pm each day an invoice is sent out. There are different payment options for invoices. Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, After Pay, Etc. Depending on the order amount and the timeline, installments can be an option. We will not refund if a payment is missed or not paid on time, we will not refund. The customer will have 24 hours to pay their late bill, or it will be added to the last installment to be paid in full. 
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